Sick of WinDOH!s? Try Ubuntu “Karmic Koala” & Free Yourself from Micro$oft!

The latest version of Ubuntu (“Linux for Human Beings”) – 9.10 “Karmic Koala” – came out just after midnight, and I’m burning my first batch of discs for eBay customers who pre-ordered it. But just so you know, Ubuntu is totally free to download – I sell it at for a nominal fee so those with slow dial-up or small download limits on broadband can get it quickly and easily. Also, some are cursed with downloads getting corrupted somewhere down the line, while others simply can’t turn the ISO image they’ve downloaded to a bootable disc.

Ubuntu "Linux for Human Beings" - ANYONE can use this great OS!Besides the bonus disc of themes and goodies for Ubuntu that I offer, many are simply enticed by my rather large but very informative ad that presents them with lots of screenshots of this great OS in action. I’ve had many who were scared to try any Linux distro, and quite a few who hadn’t even heard of Linux, sold on the idea simply because of that ad.

While it’s great knowing I am helping spread the word, the real bonus comes in the form of feedback, from which I can easily see that the hundreds of people I have helped convert are totally stoked with Ubuntu. I also get emails from customers who tell me they no longer dual boot – everything they could ever want is in Ubuntu, so they wiped their Windows partition.

Check out my Ubuntu ad to see how easy it is to use, how it comes with heaps of useful software – like even a full office suite – and how you can customise it to be your OS in ways you can only dream of in Windows and Mac OS. When you’re ready to give it a try, go to the Ubuntu site and download it. The “i386” version will work on basically all Wintel machines (ie: Windows PCs) and Intel-based Macs (with a “PowerPC” version for older Macs), but if you have a Dual or Quad core, you should consider getting the most out of your hardware by using the 64-bit version (“amd64“).

Just remember you don’t need to install it to try it – simply reboot your computer with the “Live CD” and you will end up at a fully-functional “live” desktop running straight off the disc, with just your RAM being used, and nothing being cached to your hard drive (ie: it won’t touch your Windows or Mac OS in any way!).

When you decide to install, it will give you the option of taking some of your Windows or Mac OS partition, choosing another drive attached, or taking the whole drive (if you wish to get rid of the disaster of an OS you were previously running). So why not download the Live CD and give it a test run? You never know: you could end shaking your head in disbelief that you didn’t do it earlier. I now know of hundreds of people who never dreamed they’d be getting rid of Windows altogether, so funnier things have happened!


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