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How can I Support International Terrorism when it’s So Damned Trendy?!

July 15, 2009

International Terrorism is WAY too trendy these days. And because I never follow the herd, at least not blindly, I refuse to support it. Or at least I am not going to wear a Che Guevara t-shirt like everyone else. I did go looking for an Osama Bin Laden t-shirt, but all I got was somewhat horrified (and occasionally petrified) stares from the shop attendants. But ask for a Che Guevara top, and they’ll show me the 4 different varieties they stock. Go figure.

But I shouldn’t be surprised, as when I go up to people in the street wearing Che tops and give them a hearty “Woo hoo! Go International Terrorism!“, they usually look dumbfounded, even shocked. Same thing when I just quietly say, “Yeah, Che’s awesome! Osama’s my hero too“. Someone tried to tell me that Che was good, but Osama is bad, since Che was not in fact a “terrorist” but a “freedom fighter”. And apparently Osama has nothing like freedom to fight for, so is therefore a “terrorist”. Wow, some people really should get into professional debating (but pray they don’t get into politics!). And of course, no innocent people have ever been killed by Che and his mob, because he was like a modern-day Jesus with a beret. He didn’t help bring down a government using misery and bloodshed so much as help usher in a glorious new era of Communism. I am guessing the Pope is fast-tracking Che’s canonisation as I write this.

Anyway, I’ve been looking all around for anything but Che, like a nice Baader-Meinhof t-shirt or something, so now I’m gonna search online for some cool t-shirts of the most popular dictators. And then I might do some Googling to try and figure out what this is all about: why Che is cool, but Osama isn’t… why Cuban communism is awesome, but that in China and the former Soviet Union is less than so… and why people are so damned picky about the terrorists they support.

Asalam alaikum. OzzyFrank